There are 7,021 in Missouri (47th in USA per capita)
Stats Provide By: National Sex Offender List
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Missouri Child Molesters

Did you Know that there are more than five hundred thousand registered sexual offenders housed within the general public? Every there are between 55,000-70,000 sex crimes committed against minors under eighteen years of age. Of these assaults, approximately fifty lead to homicides yearly.

Its very critical to know of sexual offenders and child molesters that are living in your community. It is now possible to receive detailed reports that give this data. Just punch your zip code into the search field and you will be given access to the data that will assist in keeping the ones you love out of harms way.

Detailed Sexual Offender Report Includes:

  • Up to date residency report
  • Notifications when sex predators move into your community.
  • Latest photos of sexual predators
  • Details of the offense that was perpetrated.
  • Details and date offender was apprehended
  • Nicknames and A.k.A's of sex predator

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