There are 7,021 in Missouri (47th in USA per capita)
Stats Provide By: National Sex Offender List
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Missouri Child Molesters

Were you aware that there are over 500,000 registered sexual predators housed within the general public? Each there are somewhere between 55-75 thousand sexually related assaults committed on children under eighteen years of age. Of these assaults, as many as 50 resulted murder every 12 months.

Its incredibly valuable to know of sexual predators and child molesters that are living in your community. You can now obtain detailed reports that give this data. Just punch your postal code into the search box and you will be given access to the information that will aid in keeping the ones you love safe.

Detailed Sex Offender Report Includes:

  • Up to date housing location information
  • Notifications when sexual predators move into your neighborhood.
  • Recent photos of sexual predators
  • Specifics of the sexual crime that was perpetrated.
  • Details of Offender's arrest
  • Nicknames and A.k.A's of sexual offender

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